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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

picture our nursery

(Emily writing) 

There are many challenging aspects to adopting.  For me, the hardest part centers around the "WHEN??!!"   My heart is so touched by our friends and family who are supportive of us. I'm thankful when they ask, "Have you heard anything yet?"  I am already rejoicing in my heart when I can say, "YES!"  
  I am constantly faced with decisions of how much do I prepare for our child? I have read many newborn books, but there is a certain point where I can't retain anymore information until I have our baby in my arms.  I'm thankful that Dan and I have been able to turn our emotional "AGGGHHHH!" into DIY projects.  Since we live in an apartment, we didn't want to paint the walls, but I also wanted to spice up our very bright, white walls. We had to take into consideration that since we don't know if we will have a boy or girl, gender-neutral colors are a must! We decided to split our office into half nursery/ half office. For Dan, this meant that I took down all of his basketball and football pictures (we did leave the desk and bookshelf :). I chose teal, gray, and yellow as the main colors.  We went to multiple yard sales to find cheap frames that we could spray paint. 

When my parents came to visit, Mom and I had fun spray painting the frames and choosing fabric and scrapbook paper.  The center frame will have our baby's initial on it. 

  We were also wondering what we would use as a changing table.  I had looked at many stores, but none stood out to me.  Thankfully, as I was looking around at the furniture that we already owned, the dresser I currently used was the perfect height for a changing table! So, we shifted some of our furniture around, and were able to use what God had already given us.  Awesome! 

Here is a picture of the dresser/changing table BEFORE Dan redid it: 

Dan taking the glossy finish off before painting:  

He did a fantastic job! 

This wall art is called the "Adoption Creed". We loved it! 

Even though I feel better about having stimulating colors in our nursery, we cannot escape this time of "waiting".  I am challenged to rejoice in this season, for no amount of projects should ever take our focus off what God is teaching us.  I continue to wrestle with God over my ambivalent feelings of yearning for our baby, yet fearing a new stage of life that I know nothing about.  I am so thankful that God knows my heart and desires more than I do, and I can trust my life to Him!


  1. Emily- Stopped to pray for you both this, encouragement, trust & peace. Praying this will such a special part of your faith walk & your story as you experience all that God has in store for you & this precious child! Enjoyed reading your blog. Hugs, Jen

  2. We have adopted two children. The wait is sooo hard but sooooo worth it. I have often felt like it is the longest labor any mom has to go through. Praying for you both. -Cathy

  3. Emily,
    I am excited to read your blog each time it is updated. I am thinking of you and know that you will be great parents. It will be easier than you think once you have your precious bundle of joy. You will be like every other parents, in that you will learn as you go, so relax and enjoy every moment! By the way the nursery looks great:)

  4. Love the artwork! :) Just remember, God's timing is perfect. We waited almost two a half years to adopt our little girl and we also went through an unsuccessful adoption before we adopted her. God has used this experience to test our faith and trust in Him so much. Praying you will become parents in God's perfect timing! :)