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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

our registry adventure

(Emily writing)

I didn’t think it would be THAT difficult. I just wanted to register for a few baby “essentials.”  I was feeling so prepared, especially since I read (and highlighted!) Baby Bargains, the “must-have” guide for new parents on what to register for and what is a waste of money.  The book was very helpful…in fact, it was so great that I took it with us to the store, along with a list of all of the “safe” brands, and the “runner- up” brands...and the “runner- up to the runner- up”-just in case the store didn’t offer the first one. 

HOWEVER, have you ever stepped into a Babies R Us?  Something happens when you step into that store.  I felt all logic, limitations, and list of essentials be quickly replaced with “If you don’t buy this you are going to be a terrible parent and your child most likely won’t survive to see their second birthday.”   If you add these sudden insecurities to my husband’s suspicion of, “You don’t need that...this is all a conspiracy for the baby industry to make more money,” I guarantee your evening will be eventful, but not very pleasant.

Looking back, I think that the baby registration process was frustrating, yet ultimately, very rewarding.  It really illustrated the differences between Dan and me (and that is not a bad thing).  I was coming into the process as one who wants to nurture our child, making sure I have everything to provide a safe, comfortable existence for our little one.  Dan was thinking as a provider, “How in the world are we going to pay for all of this?”  If I was left to my own, I would have registered for a lot of pretty, fun- for-about -2-weeks items.  Dan wanted to focus on the absolute essentials, the infant car seat, stroller, and diapers.  Although the experience was not fun, we were able to learn more about each other and our insecurities and fears about becoming parents.  Ultimately, our relationship grew closer as we saw each other’s point of view….which was a good thing, because I had also planned to register at Target the next day!

Our outlook going into Target was entirely different; in fact, Dan was more eager to register for more items and I was more hesitant.  We both wanted to be respectful of the other person’s desires and our time was productive and enjoyable.  So, for all of those who have never registered for their baby before, BE PREPARED!

Oh, and it always helps to give your man the registry gun…you can always delete things later online! :)

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